Aksaray Malakli Dogs

Malaklı is a shepherd dog breed that is widely bred in Central Anatolia, its homeland of which is the city of Aksaray. Like the Kangal, the Malaklı is in the subgroup of the Karabash race. Although they have very similar characteristics with Kangal, they are considered as two different races according to some characteristics.

Main characteristics of Aksaray Malaklı dogs

  • It is the largest shepherd dog in the world
  • It's aggressive towards people or animals that it perceives as a threat
  • Its lips are droopy
  • Its feet and head are large, its nose is blunt, and its skin is loose
  • Recognizes and protects its flock
  • Loyal and calm

Differences and similarities between Malaklı and Kangal

  • The Malaklı is larger than the Kangal, its body structure, feet and head are larger
  • Malakli's lips are droopy (its name comes from its droopy lips)
  • Malaklı needs to be fed in a relatively larger area, at least in a house with a garden
  • Like Kangal, Malaklı is particularly active in the protection of farm animals. With their large size and frightening voice, they ensure the safety of animals, and a certain area against many wild animals such as Wolf, Cheetah, Hyena, Bear.


Malaklı ve Kangal karşılaştırma